Investment Audit Systems, LLC   
Quickly and Confidently:
Perform Complex Calculations
Dividend Reinvestments back to the 1970s
Multiple Buys and Sells (tax lots)
Wash sales

Used by more professionals than
any other calculator.

Provides all Capital Changes,
Tax Status, Tax Opinion
  • Take the grunt work out of Schedule D and Schedule B Tax Preparation
  • Do in seconds what would otherwise take hours or even days
    The IAS Difference
  • First to offer a cost basis calculator (2002)
  • Used by more CPAs and Tax Preparers than any other calculator
  • Used by more securities professionals than any other calculator
  • Millions of accurate calculations performed and used for tax filings
  • Research in addition to calculations at a lower cost
  • Exclusive access to the most accurate and complete securities database available (back to 1890)
  • Relied on daily by over 100,000 professionals

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