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Please note: This website is no longer taking new subscribers
We will continue to allow existing subscribers to buy more credits through this tax season.
At the end of October 2013 there will be no additonal credits sold
Credits are good for one year from date of purchase
As we have been adding more licensed distributors we are phasing out of the direct sales
We will provide a list of them as we close this down
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For developers: A Windows App developers kit
If you are Windows WPF developer and want to integrate Cost Basis into your corporate network
IAS has a lightweight Cloud based application available to qualified programmers
The kit is a complete Visual Studio project that you modify to suit your environment
Send an email to and describe your company and your qualifications
Virtually of the capabilities of this website are in the Windows App
And all computing is done on the App, so there is minium impact on your servers
As it is a Cloud App, requires access out to the network

Compute Cost Basis
with Confidence, in seconds!

Full Company History on 80,000+ US Equity and Mutual Funds

* Dividend Reinvestments     * Savings Plans     * Wash Sales     * Online Calculator

A Great Service for Tax and Investment Professionals
Show Sample Report with full workpapers
IAS's Family Tree Charts enable my clients to follow
and understand the history of complex valuation changes

IAS Cost Basis Software and Cost Basis Accounting are the most complete
and their support team is top notch

- ias Clients (2011)

New simplified pricing

 Credits can be used for Calculations or Research.
A calculation is any number of Buys/Sells, Dividend Reinvestments for a single security
 Good for one year from date of purchase.

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Muni & Corporate Bond Cost Basis Calculator    
Database of over 4 million bonds, call schedules. Amortize or accrete cost and calculates Gain/(Loss) on a sale.
More Info...

Excel Add-In
Now available as a FREE Excel Add In. Just login and download the install.

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