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Investment Audit Systems™ (IAS) offers an entire suite of extraordinary, proprietary, securities cost basis and research services.

The Investment Audit Calculator™
IAS pioneered the cost basis calculator market in 2002, saving investors and tax professionals countless hours, dollars and headaches as a result. The 2009 version of the IAS Calculator is the best yet, with new features designed for increased ease-of-use and efficiency, while still providing the industry's most accurate adjusted cost basis on any security position… in seconds.

Now featuring:
  • Dividends and mutual fund payments back to 1971 - For calculations with dividend reinvestment.
  • Daily securities prices back to 1968 - When looking up a price to use in a calculation.
  • Multiple accounting options - FIFO, LIFO, Avg. Cost; and for mutual funds Average Cost Single Category (ACSC)and Average Cost Double (Long or Short) Category (ACDCL, ACDCS).
  • Enter More Trades - Now, an almost unlimited number of buys and sells can be run in the same calculation.
  • Wash Sales - Calculator now automatically adjusts to account for the IRS "wash sale" rule.
  • Schedule D and 8949 information supplied in the Calculator reports.
  • Efficiency features - Calculator results can be printed, saved to spreadsheet, or emailed.

The IAS Reverse Calculator™

No other Cost Basis service can offer the unique capabilities of the IAS Reverse Calculator. It works to derive the cost basis of an investment position when the investor has incomplete investment records. When all that is known is the ending security (the security that was sold) and the starting security and/or price is not known, the Reverse Calculator utilizes the proprietary IAS Family Tree™ technology, which presents linkages between securities, and works backward to help identify not only the initial security, but also the number of shares originally purchased, original price and ultimately, the adjusted cost basis.

IAS Cost Basis History™

Not all cost basis work requires the power of the IAS Calculator. When the task at hand calls for researching the history of a security for details on cost basis events (capital changes), IAS Cost Basis History is the solution.

Simply enter a security identifier (CUSIP or Ticker), and a start date (the start date allows our Family Tree technology to confirm the security is the one you are looking for) and events related to that security are displayed in reverse chronological order in a summary table showing the event date, event type and an event description. Details on each event are made available via link from the event description.

Details include Record Dates, Payable Dates, Declared Dates, Rates and Payment Amounts, Tax Status, Event Status (Mandatory or Voluntary), Tax Opinion and more.

The IAS Family Tree List™

Researching securities is often complicated by corporate events that have changed an investment from one security to another over time. Mergers, stock splits, reverse stock splits, spin-offs, and name changes have affected literally thousands of securities in just the past few years. IAS has created the technology to tie all these affected securities together so that researching their histories, whether for cost basis or other purposes, is unimpacted by the changes brought over time. The IAS Family Tree List gives users a listing of all related securities along with the events that connect them. The Family Tree works either forward or backward in time from a specified date, and details of each connecting event are made available with a simple mouse click.

The IAS Family Tree Chart™

The questions 'where did this security come from' or 'what happened to the XYZ stock I used to have' are frequently heard, and often difficult to answer. The proprietary IAS Family Tree Chart can answer those questions by presenting the information found in the Family Tree List in an easy-to-understand graphical form.

The IAS Corporate Family Tree Chart Service goes beyond mere data and provides users with a visual representation of the connection between securities resulting from a range of corporate actions. In addition to the clarity afforded by the visual Chart, details on each event are available to users by clicking on the box representing the event. This service works both forward and backward from the identified security and specified date.

Daily Securities Prices

Over 40 years of daily securities prices are available on the IAS website. Simply enter a security identifier and date, and select your option for a set of 5 daily prices, weekly prices, or monthly prices. High, low and close are provided. Daily pricing is also integrated into the IAS Calculators for the convenience of users.

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